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Duke and Carolina - NCAA Tournament 2011

Duke Blue Devils | North Carolina Tar Heels | Big Dance 2011


Both the Duke and Carolina basketball teams are in the Big Dance -- the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament for 2011. Duke is seeded #1 in the West and Carolina is seeded #2 in the East. The teams have already met three times this year. Duke won the first game in Cameron and the Tar Heels took the second game of the series in the Dean Dome given them #1 bragging rights for the regular season. The tie-breaker came in the final game of the ACC Tournament where Duke prevailed.

Due to the seeding if there is another rematch it would have to come during the semi-finals.

The tournament is being broadcast on CBS. Below are some links to bring you up to date on Tobacco Road basketball.

1. The Duke-Carolina Basketball Rivalry

Known as one of the greatest rivalries in college sports. Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill, located just 15 miles apart have each built men's basketball dynasty's and vie for bragging rights to be the greatest program in college basketball history.

2. Duke's 2011 Highlights

Duke's2011 season record and NCAA record.

3. Carolina's 2011 Highlights

Carolina's 2011 season record and all time NCAA record.

4. Duke Blue Devil's Fight Songs

Make sure you know where to yell "To Hell with Carolina!" Watch the Crazies for the hand motions.

5. Carolina Tar Heel Fight Songs

Tar Heel born and Tar Heel bred......

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