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Duke Blue Devil's Fight Songs - Fight Song Lyrics for Duke Blue Devils


Make sure you know the words to Duke's Fight Songs before you head out to the game!

When you go to the game, make sure that you have clothes that scream "Go Duke!" (Buy Direct) as loudly as you do.

Fight Blue Devils

Fight, Fight Blue Devils
Fight for Duke and the Blue and White
March on through
For the touchdown's there for you
Go get 'em
Duke is out to win today
Carolina goodnight
So turn on the steam team
Fight Blue Devils Fight

Blue and White

Duke, we thy anthems raise
For all thy praises untold
We sing for the Blue and White
Whose colors we uphold
Firm stand our line of blue
For we are loyal through and through
All for the love of old D.U.
Fight! We'll Fight!
With all our strength and might
Win we can
So here we give a hand
Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!
D-U-K-E, Rah!

Dear Old Duke

Duke's Alma Mater

Dear old Duke, thy name we sing
To thee our voices raise, we'll raise
To thee our anthems ring in everlasting praise
And though on life's broad sea
Our fates may far us bear
We'll ever turn to thee
Our Alma Mater dear

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