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The Cave Chapel Hill - Review of The Cave Chapel Hill

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The Cave in Chapel Hill

The Cave in Chapel Hill

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The Bottom Line
The Cave is a great place to enjoy live music and a brewski in the company of your favorite canine companion.
  • You can bring your dog to The Cave
  • There is live music almost every night at The Cave
  • The Cave has early and late shows--great for those of us who like to go out, but have day jobs!
  • The Cave is not a good place for a fancy date
  • People who are extremely allergic to dogs or cigarette smoke might want to take their allergy pills.
  • No food (other than pre-packaged snacks) sold at The Cave
  • The Cave is located at 452 1/2 West Franklin St. in Chapel Hill. It's down a flight of steps next to the West End Wine Bar.
  • The Cave's phone number is (919) 968-9308.
  • The Cave's early shows usually take place at 7:30 p.m., the late shows at 9:30 or 10:00.
  • Drinks at The Cave are reasonably-priced.
  • Draft beers are $3.00-$3.50, bottled beers are $1.25-$5.00 and cocktails/liquor is $3.00-$6.00.
  • Cover charges are usually $5.00 or less.
Guide Review - The Cave Chapel Hill - Review of The Cave Chapel Hill
The Cave actually looks kind of like a cave--the ceiling is low, the lighting is dim, and the walls are coated with some sort of stucco that is reminiscent of the inside of a cavern. The ambiance is way more "dorm room" than upscale. In the bar's back room, there's a jukebox, a pool table, pin ball machines, and a couch nestled only a few feet away from a nice-sized television.

The early shows at The Cave aren't usually too crowded. More people pour in as the evening wears on.

Service at The Cave is very friendly and dog-friendly too--the bartender even keeps dog treats behind the bar. The seating, mostly wooden benches, isn't the most comfortable, but the place really has a cozy, relaxing vibe. It's a nice place to enjoy some takeout food from your favorite Franklin Street restaurant while you listen to live music. The Cave is the kind of venue where you really get to interact with the featured bands/musicians. It's hard to be aloof and pretentious when you're in a grotto-like bar.

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