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LocoPops Raleigh-Durham - - A Review of LocoPops Raleigh-Durham

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LocoPops Raleigh-Durham - - A Review of LocoPops Raleigh-Durham

Downtown Raleigh LocoPops Store, located on Hillsborough Street

Photo courtesy Tammy Biondi
The Bottom Line
LocoPops Gourmet Frozen Pops is a rapidly expanding, Durham-based chain of popsicle shops. The frozen pops come in unusual flavors such as Mexican chocolate, apple pie and plum black pepper.
  • Locopops are delicious, and come in array of flavors that will please just about anyone.
  • LocoPops makes PetPops -- frozen pops for dogs and cats!
  • LocoPops are locally-made in Durham, with locally-sourced ingredients when possible.
  • Customers need to pay for their LocoPops with cash or check--no credit cards.
  • Depending on the LocoPops location you visit, parking can be very difficult.
  • LocoPops are $2.00 each, and it's hard to eat just one, so a trip to LocoPops can be expensive!
  • LocoPops currently has six Triangle-area locations:
  • Chapel Hill : 431 West Franklin St.
    231 S. Elliott Rd
  • Durham : 2600 Hillsborough Rd.
    117 Market St.
  • Hillsborough: 121 W. Margaret Lane
  • Raleigh : 1908 Hillsborough St.
  • LocoPops stores are open 12:00 noon to 9:00 p.m. daily.
Guide Review - LocoPops Raleigh-Durham -- A Review of LocoPops Raleigh-Durham
I visited the Raleigh LocoPops location, which is on Hillsborough St., right across the street from the NC State Campus. My first thought? Thank goodness it was a weekend, or I would never have been able to find a legal parking space!

Even though it was a sunny Saturday afternoon, the shop was relatively empty, which gave me an opportunity to chat with the friendly staff, who explained the LocoPops menu to me. Basically, there are four categories of pops: pops can be dairy-based or dairy-free and either temporary (guest stars) or permanent flavors.

I also learned that LocoPops makes frozen treats for dogs and cats. The treats are made from chicken or beef broth frozen onto a rawhide stick. Very clever!

I tried a "Lots of Nuts" flavored pop, and it was true to its name. It was creamy and loaded with chopped nuts, subtly almond-y but not too sweet or overpowering. I was tempted to get a second pop (the Mexican chocolate-flavored pop is another favorite of mine - Tell me your favorite LocoPops flavor), but resisted, vowing to return to LocoPops soon with my dog in tow, so that we could share the LocoPop experience together!

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