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Cook Out Restaurant Raleigh-Durham -Review of Cook Out Restaurant Raleigh-Durham

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Cook Out Restaurant Raleigh-Durham -Review of Cook Out Restaurant Raleigh-Durham

Cook Out

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The Bottom Line
Cook Out is a locally-owned fast-food chain whose "value meals" are actually a much better value than those of most other Raleigh-Durham fast food chains.
  • Cook Out provides great value
  • Cook Out has friendly service
  • Cook Out's food seems more wholesome than the food at some other fast food chains
  • Cook Out is open late--some Cook Out locations stay open until 4:00 a.m. on weekends
  • Parking lots at some Cook Out locations are very crowded
  • Waits to place your order at Cook Out can be long (10-20 minutes)
  • Seating options at Cook Out are limited with no indoor seating at the location reviewed
  • Heath-conscious eaters will have trouble finding anything to eat at Cook Out
  • Cook Out is a fast food chain that has several Raleigh Durham locations.
  • Cook Out is locally famous for its milkshakes (they come in 46 different flavors), hamburgers and value-packed combo meals.
  • Cook Out uses surprising high-quality ingredients for a fast food restaurant including real chicken & fresh beef.
  • Fruit milkshake mix-ins are made from actual fresh fruit.
  • Cook Out Restaurants don't generally have any indoor seating.
  • Diners tend to at the few outdoor tables scattered around the Cook Out restaurant or in/on their cars.
  • Many of Cook Out's menu items are priced under 99 cents, and the vast majority of menu items are priced under $3.00.
  • The most expensive item on Cook Out's menu is the Club-Style Char-Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich, which rings up at a $3.69.
  • One of the best values on the menu is the Cook Out Tray
  • Most Cook Out locations have drive-thru windows as well as walk-up windows.
Guide Review - Cook Out Restaurant Raleigh-Durham -Review of Cook Out Restaurant Raleigh-Durham
I visited the Cook Out location on Western Blvd., near the NCSU campus on a Saturday afternoon. The wait to place my order was about ten minutes long, which was fine because it allowed me some time to study Cook Out's extensive and somewhat unusual menu. Some of the most interesting things on the menu are creative fast food items such as the "cheese dog" (a hot dog bun filled with cheese, chili and cole slaw, instead of a hot dog) and Cook Out's "fancy milkshakes" which come in 46 flavors, including cheesecake chocolate chip and banana berry.

I ordered a watermelon milkshake and a $3.99 Cook Out Tray, choosing a Big Double Burger as my entrée and chili and chicken nuggets as my side dishes. The cashier was friendly and my food was ready within five minutes. However, instead of chili, my tray had a side dish of fries. Since they looked good (square-cut and not too greasy), I kept them and didn't complain. The total, along with a Cook-Out hat (you can purchase a hat or t-shirt with a tray for an additional $1.99) was $8.01.

I sat at an outdoor picnic table overlooking Western Blvd. , and enjoyed my meal. I particularly liked the milk shake, which was full of chunks of watermelon (I ate them with a spoon). The chicken nuggets were also really good: tender white meat with no gristle or other undesirable surprises.

Altogether, I had one of the best fast food meals that I've ever had at Cook Out. Although my food took a bit longer to get than at most fast food chains, the quality of the food seemed much higher than it would have been at a different fast food place.

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