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Cook Out Big Double Burger Tray with Milkshake

Cook Out Big Double Burger Tray with Milkshake

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Cook Out Trays might just be the best fast food "value meal" in Raleigh-Durham (Cook Out Locations). The principle is simple: for $3.99 you get your choice of an entrée, two side dishes and a drink. For an additional $1.99, you can get yourself a Cook Out baseball cap, T-shirt, or visor. How's that for value?

Here are the options for your Cook Out Tray entrée.

  • 1/4 pound hamburger
  • Pulled pork barbecue
  • Footlong hot dog
  • Big Double Burger
  • Regular Chicken sandwich
  • Cajun chicken sandwich
  • Spicy chicken sandwich
  • Chicken strips

And here are your side dish options: if you're really hungry, get two corndogs as side dishes. That'll fill you up!

  • Hush puppies
  • Onion rings
  • French Fries
  • Chili
  • Cole slaw
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Corn dog

When you buy a tray, you can also get a large soft drink or a huge sweet tea. You can also opt for a milk shake for only 99 cents more.

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