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Historic Landmarks in Durham


Historic landmarks of significance are found throughout Durham, North Carolina. From churches to cemeteries and mills to buildings, there’s plenty of places to visit. Here’s a list of ones to get you started.

Beechwood Cemetery
3300 Fayetteville St., Durham.
(919) 560-4156
Located next to the White Rock Baptist Church, the cemetery is home to a range of funeral art and the graves of early African-American business and community leaders in Durham.

Brightleaf Square
Gregson St at Main St, Brightleaf District, Downtown Durham.
(919) 682-9229
Brightleaf Square is known to many Durham residents as a great place to enjoy an evening out. The former brick tobacco warehouses, built in 1904, were renovated in 1981. Shops and restaurants now the buildings, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Duke Memorial United Methodist Church
504 W Chapel Hill St, Downtown Durham.
(919) 683-3467
Duke Memorial United Methodist Church was built in 1907 in the Gothic Revival style of architecture, with twin towers. The church is home to a 10-bell, manually-operated carillon which features nightly performances. It also has a Holtkamp organ inside.

First Presbyterian Church
305 E Main St, Durham.
(919) 682-5511
First Presbyterian Church in Durham was built in 1916 and features stained-glass windows from Germany. Two previous churches that were once on-site, housed the congregation prior.

Former Wright's Automatic Machinery Co. Building
921 Holloway St, Durham.
The former Wright’s Automatic Machinery Company building was built in 1941 and is well-known for its role as a supplier to the U.S. Navy in World War II. It also provides supplies to NASA. Every spacecraft flown by the agency has carried parts made in this factory.

Golden Belt
807 E Main St, Downtown Durham.
(919) 967-7700
Golden Belt is a historic textile mill campus founded by Julian Carr. The space, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is currently a creative arts hub that features shopping, dining, a live music venue, art galleries, green space, live/work lofts and 35 artist studios.

Great Indian Trading Path
Snow Hill, St Mary's, and Mason Roads, Hillsborough.
(919) 644-0600
The Great Indian Trading Path runs through Durham and is a former Piedmont fur and deerskin trading route. After 1670, the path was used by European explorers, hunters and settlers. The trail passes other notable locations including Arrowhead Inn (1774), Historic Stagville and Hardscrabble Plantation (1700s).

Historic Durham Athletic Park
500 W Corporation St, Downtown Durham.
(919) 687-6546
Historic Durham Athletic Park was home to the Durham Bulls baseball team from 1926-1994 and appeared in the well-known movie, Bull Durham. Currently, the North Carolina Central University Eagles play at the stadium.

Historic Parrish Street/Black Wall Street
Parrish St, Durham
(919) 560-4965 x15216
Businesses prospered in the early 1900s along what would soon become known as “Black Wall Street.” During the 1960s, pioneers of the Civil Rights movement staged sit-ins along the street, receiving a visit from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, the street features a North Carolina Highway Historical Marker and several bronze sculptures that commemorate the area’s history.

Old Durham County Courthouse
200 E Main St, Downtown Durham.
(919) 560-0000
The Old Durham County Courthouse was built in 1916 in the Neo-Classical Revival style. Constructed of Indiana limestone, the building has a façade of fluted stone pilasters, stone balconies, Corinthian capitals and solid bronze doors.

Trinity United Methodist Church
215 N Church St, Durham.
(919) 683-1386
Trinity United Methodist Church was built in 1924 in the Gothic Revival style. The building is noted for its elaborate wood carvings.

Venable Center
303 S Roxboro St, Durham.
(919) 967-7700
The Venable Center, built in 1905, was once home to the largest independent tobacco leaf broker in Durham. The campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and underwent redevelopment into labs, offices and stores.

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