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Digital TV Channels in Raleigh-Durham

A List of Digital TV Stations in Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill


As of June 12, 2009, all of the television stations in Raleigh-Durham started broadcasting their programming using digital signals. As a result, lots of new stations became available to telivision viewers in the Raleigh-Durham area. These channels are available for free, and don't require any cable or satellite TV subscriptions.

If your TV is equipped to get digital TV, here's a list of the the Raleigh-Durham TV channels that your TV may be able to pick up. Since the Raleigh-Durham area is very large geographically and because you may need special antennas to capture some of these stations, not every station on this list will necessarily be available to every digital TV viewer in Raleigh-Durham.

Raleigh-Durham's Digital TV Channels

  • 4.1UNC-TV a PBS Station based in Chapel Hill
  • 4.2 UNC-KD, PBS children's programming
  • 4.3 WUNC-NC, PBS programming for and about North Carolina
  • 5.1 WRAL-TV, Raleigh-Durham CBS station
  • 5.2 WRAL.2, shows This TV programming, which consists of movies and TV shows owned by MGM and United Artists Studios
  • 11.1 WTVD-DT, Raleigh-Durham's ABC TV affiliate
  • 11.2 WTVD-DT2, this channel shows ABC 11 news and weather reports as well as assorted other programming
  • 11.3 WTVD-DT3, ABC 11's Eyewitness News Channel shows news programming around the clock
  • 17.1 WNCN-DT, Raleigh-Durham's NBC TV affiliate, NBC 17
  • 17.2 WNCN-DT-2, this channel shows sports programming as well as infomercials
  • 22.1 WLFL-DT, Raleigh-Durham's CW TV affiliate
  • 28.1 WRDC-DT,Raleigh-Durham's myNetwork TV affiliate
  • 30.1 WRAY-DT, this channel's programming is mostly infomercials
  • 40.1 WUVC-DT, Raleigh-Durham's Univision TV affiliate shows programming in Spanish
  • 40.2 WTNC-LP, Raleigh-Durham's Telefuturaaffiliate shows programming in Spanish
  • 50.1 WRAZ-DT, Raleigh-Durham's FOX TV affiliate, FOX50
  • 50.2 WRAZ-DT2, Raleigh-Durham's http://www.myretrotv.com/ RTN affiliate, shows classic “Retro TV” programming, like “Kojak” and “Leave it to Beaver”
  • 50.3 WRAZ-SD, shows classic FOX programming as well as infomercials
  • 62.1 WFPX, Raleigh-Durham's ION TV affiliate

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