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Things to Know About Living in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill


There's a lot to know about living in Raleigh,Durham and Chapel Hill, and this is the place to get the basic facts and helpful information you need about the Triangle. Particularly helpful for new residents and those considering relocating, this section includes info on city services, utilities, schools, local government, weather and more.
  1. Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill - Facts, Stats & Accolades
  2. Schools & Education
  3. Business, Jobs & Employment
  4. Drivers License, Voting, Taxes and More

Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill - Facts, Stats & Accolades

Here's where you find out how many people live here, what we're like and why we're popular. Here are the cold-hard facts and figures about jobs, the weather, growth and other demographic information.

Schools & Education

Duke Chapel

Education is one of the top reasons people choose to live in the Triangle. The area boasts three major research universities, one of the top public school systems in the United States and limitless opportunities for lifelong learning. In addition we have more Ph.D.s per capita than anywhere eles in the United States.

Business, Jobs & Employment

Here are resources related to top employers, job search and other business matters for the Triangle region including Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

Drivers License, Voting, Taxes and More

These links are sort of an administrative and housekeeping guide for moving to and living in North Carolina and the Triangle area.

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